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Welcome to Bankim

Welcome to Bankim Plast:

Established in 1978, Bankim Plast has evolved to become a leading manufacturer of masterbatches, compounds and additives

Bankim Plast is headquartered in mumbai, India and our manufacturing facilitiy is located at Daman with an annual capacity of over 14000 MT

Always seeking innovative methods to offer the best to our clients and give greater satisfaction in terms of cost and performance, the two very important factors in plastic packaging industry, we thrive on our cross industry knowledge, and work out solutions to cater industry specific requirements, customizing to deliver effectively.

Ingredients of Success

Our masterbatches touch every aspect of life after processing and reaching the end consumers as finished products. We comply with international standards, and stress on consistent quality to achieve our responsibility towards product outcomes. Our masterbatches are produced sourcing the purest quality raw ingredients and follow strict quality checks to match international standards.